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McCoy Scholarships & Fellowships

McCoy graduate students have a multitude of opportunities for financial support. Scholarships are typically one-time awards, meaning that recipients usually do not automatically receive the same support in subsequent years (although they may be able to reapply for the same scholarship later). Fellowships differ from scholarships in that fellowships provide recurring support for multiple semesters (or years) while you are in graduate school. For that reason fellowships are typically more competitive than scholarships.

Texas State Graduate College Scholarships
The Texas State Graduate College awards numerous scholarships every year. Funding for these scholarships comes from a wide variety of sources including individuals, corporations, foundations and special interest organizations and projects. The application deadline is January 15 and scholarships can be applied for through Texas State's centralized scholarship application system.

McCoy College of Business Scholarships
In addition to the Texas State Graduate College, the McCoy College of Business provides numerous scholarships for graduate business students. Like the Graduate College, McCoy scholarships are provided by individuals, foundations, corporations and special interest organizations and they are awarded on a competitive basis.

In order to be considered for a McCoy Scholarship please follow the same process as Graduate College scholarships using the centralized scholarship application system.

McCoy College of Business Fellowships
The McCoy Foundation makes fellowships available to encourage students exhibiting leadership along with intellectual and creative promise to complete a graduate business degree. McCoy Fellowships are awarded at either the “Distinction” level or the “Excellence” level, depending upon the qualifications of the applicant:

The McCoy Fellowship of Distinction: $1,500 per semester

McCoy Fellowship of Excellence: $2,500 per semester

Awards are disbursed on a semester-by-semester basis for the academic year.  Please note the application process for McCoy Fellowships is different than scholarships. The fellowship application form and all supporting documents must be submitted to the McCoy Dean’s office (McCoy Hall 530) no later than January 15.

A Note to Applicants Regarding the January 15 "Priority Deadline":
Applicants to the McCoy College of Business graduate programs (MBA, MAcy, MSAIT, MSHRM, MSDAIS and MSMRA) may be considered for scholarships and fellowships for the current academic year. In order to be considered for these financial aid awards, however, your completed applications must be received no later than January 15. Consideration for scholarships and fellowships is not automatic; meeting the Priority Deadline merely allows you the chance to apply for scholarships/fellowships prior to entering the program. Please refer to the Application Deadlines page for more information regarding the Priority Deadline for new/incoming students.