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McCoy Graduate Student Association

The McCoy Graduate Student Association (MGSA) is comprised of current McCoy graduate business students (MBA, MAcy, MSAIT, MSHRM, MSDAIS and MSMRA) and alumni, and strives to be a cohesive network of current and former students who are actively engaged in activities which enhance business knowledge, management skills, and leadership abilities. The mission of the MGSA is to support the educational advancement and professional development of McCoy graduate students in order to help create tomorrow's leaders.

The McCoy Graduate Student Association values:

- INTEGRITY and adherence to professional and ethical standards
- An ongoing commitment to personal and professional DEVELOPMENT
- A well-rounded educational EXPERIENCE which transcends the classroom
- Respect for our diverse culture which creates a true sense of COMMUNITY

McCoy grad students study abroad
MGSA Members at Railyard Social
McCoy Bootcamp
MGSA Members at Bobcat Build
McCoy Graduate Students at IBM
MGSA Members at Zelicks
McCoy Etiquette Dinner
MGSA at Aquabrew